Things You Should Know About The Cold War

Cold War is famous in the pages of history and it is the era where the rivalry between the Soviet Union and the United State lasted for several decades. It definitely resulted in the international incidents and suspicions of anti-communist.

It was a division between the western countries and Russia that started in 1940 and ended in 1991. The Cold War is basically a war between two conflicting ideas and the perfect way of ruling that is capitalism and communism. 

  • After the conclusion of the Second World War, all the states which were participating in it were in a dire state. There was a loss of human lives which is approximate to 60 million lives and it costs the Soviet Union 20% loss of the population. The political system, government, and the whole world were facing huge destructions.

One can say that the entire structure and the inheritance of the 19 century were completely gone. European powers started dominating global politics with the help of imperialism, but it was also reduced.

As the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour it really made the US go through the phase of paranoia. Due to the Nazi invasion, it was a huge mental breakdown for the Soviets as well. Their experiences were so brutal that it created a paranoia. 

  • It was said that the confrontation that was encountered during the Cold War is quite uncommon in world history. Due to the British and Russian interest of controlling certain countries, one can see the major geopolitical struggle of death and life.


According to several Americans, after the end of World War II, they have agreed that one of the most effective defenses against all the Soviet threats will be the use of the containment strategy.

This strategy of the United State was used several times in order to prevent communism to get spread across abroad. Because of the Soviet Union action of increasing the communist sphere this special policy was used. 

The Atomic Age

Due to the implementation of the containment strategy, it did provide all the rationals with some unprecedented build-up of arms in the United States. According to the report of 1950, it was stated that the country is using some military forces in order to contain the communist expansionism everywhere.

To be precise, it was the American officials who have actually encouraged the building of the atomic weapons that are also used in World War II. This is one of the major reasons why huge race began.

In 1949 an atom bomb was tested by the Soviets. In its response, the president of The United States has also announced the development of one of the most destructive hydrogen bomb or another similar atomic weapon.

These are some of the major things that one must know about the cold war. The cold war is the war of avoidance and not any combat. Due to the Cold War, a lot of impacts can be seen today as well.

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