Reasons That Make The Cold War Significant In The Pages Of History

After the end of World War II, all the Democratic Nations was persevered the growth of the Soviet Union, along with the rise of communism to be a threat. We can definitely see that by then Germany has already become a puppet between the power struggle of the Soviet Union and Western Allies.

The thought of Socialist Europe was developed by the USSR, which is the part of the government of Germany. Germany faced a divide between the four nations. The Cold War was encountered when there was a rise of conflict over Berlin, which also triggered a fear of the expansion of the Soviet.

It definitely fueled some hostile rivalry which continued for more than four decades and is known as the Cold War. The cold war is definitely important for several reasons and its impact can be seen in today’s political world as well.

1. The response to the answer of why the Cold War was important would vary in several ways. From the perspective of an American who used to live during the Cold War era will have a different answer in comparison to the polish citizen who has encountered the downfall of the Soviet Union.

During the years of the Cold War, the growth of the Socialist States and the Communist States was the main goal. The nation was quite absorbed with the Soviet Union and in China or other nations, we can see the impact of communism at that time.

Containment was one of the most effective policies during the Cold War era. The World especially Europe had shown no signs of communism.

2. The twentieth century’s history was highly affected because of the Cold War and one can see its effect nowadays as well. Precisely it has also shaped today’s world where we all are living. If no Cold War had taken place then everything would be quite different.

Cold war definitely had the irrefutable impact on the world. This is one of the most powerful reasons why people consider the Cold War to be an important part of history.

3. The superpowers have always concentrated on improving all their weapons in order to opt for mass destruction but the Cold War was different. In the Cold War, we can see that it was purely a war that was based on avoidance and not any combat.

So the Soviet Union have also ordered its people to sacrifice themselves when it comes to preventing any type of devastation which one can encounter during The Great Patriotic War. In the United States, one can see a lot of money was invested in nuclear weapons, missiles, defense system for anti-missile and other weapons.

A lot of powerful or dangerous weapons were developed during that time and one can label it as an important event of the Cold War and which is why treaties were signed.

Even now one can see a great impact of the Cold War. The period of the Cold War definitely included some geopolitical tension that existed between the United States and its allies along with the Soviet Union and its Satellite States.

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