Myths About The Cold War

The cold war is one of the most discussed wars in the pages of history because of the enormous impact that it had even in today’s political world. The United States and the Soviet Union were involved in this Cold War along with their allies. Here are some myths that are related to the Cold War and has been explained in detail.

  • Everyone knew the enemy: During the era of the Cold War, there was an extreme disagreement when it comes to thinking about the intensity of the threat. There was a huge debate between the 1940s to 1950 related to the danger that was imposed by the communist of America and many others. The main target of America changed with time.

Initially, China was under danger, but after that, we can see that the Soviet Union was under the limelight. Detente was also established between the United States and the Soviet Union during early 1970.

  • Containment: Many have the misconception that America used one winning strategy during the Cold War and that is containment. The foreign policy of the US was not guided by a single strategy. After the Soviet, that was a seizure of power by the communist in Czechoslovakia during 1948.

There were several attempts made by Washington for containing the influence of Soviet but we can see a mixed record here. In 1961 and 1980 we can see some attempts of unsuccessful rollback that were made against Cuba and Nicaragua.

The United States always used for assistance in the field of military and economy along with diplomacy in order to build ties with other countries that recently segregated from the sphere of Soviet.

  • Putin: Many believe that because of Putin in Russia there is a high chance that Cold War will be back but it is completely untrue because the instance of Putin is purely authoritarian and moreover the country that is leading is the Soviet Union. The army of Russia is one-fifth of the Soviet army size. Nowadays the ideology of Communism is thoroughly discredited.

Earlier during the time of Cold War one can see that the ideology of Marxist gained huge followers in the Third World Countries and in the West mainly in Italy and France. One can definitely say Russia doesn’t have any type of charm today. 

  • Cold war indicated stability: That’s another myth that one must clear about the Cold War. All the superpower nations understood the game rules properly. One can say that there was non-existent of stability during the time of the Cold War.

Both the Soviet Union and the United States faced crisis repeatedly. During the era of the Cold War, there was a high rate of terrorism and it definitely outruns the today’s rate of international terrorist attacked. Most of the terrorist groups that appeared during the time of the Cold War were actually funded by Soviet bloc.

These are the myths that need to get busted as they are completely giving a new dimension to the concept of the Cold War. Cold War is definitely a war of avoidance and not any combat but it had a huge impact.

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