Facts About The World War II

America has been involved with many wars over the course of its history. There’s a reason why the generation who gave birth to the baby boomers is nicknamed “The Greatest Generation”. World War II is perhaps the most iconic and still remembered wars today because there were so many atrocities and nations involved. The History Channel was sometimes called “The World War II” channel back when it mainly showed documentaries. World War II seems to be the war that has fascinated America the most. Here’s why.


Fascism is basically the idea that the entire nation exists to support the military and its endeavors. The state is under military rule and has an aggressive role in declaring war against others. Fascism in Nazi Germany was created through the embarrassment and hardship of losing World War I. Mass poverty resulted in that nation when they were forced to pay for the damages. Hitler promised a better future for Germany by using fascist ideology to scapegoat the Jewish people living in Germany at the time.


Communism took root in Russia after the Czar was thrown from power. The people of Russia were attracted to this ideology because, in theory, it offers equal power to all members of the state. This method of government spread through the majority of Eastern Europe. The fascist and the communist were at odds and spreading around the same time as World War II began.

Pearl Harbor

America did not actually want to get involved in the massive war happening in Europe. The Japanese sided with Hitler and made a surprise attack on America’s newest state, Hawaii. Dozens of Americans were killed and the news of it spread like wildfire across the United States. America first declared war on the Japanese and then became entirely involved in World War II.

Death Camps

After America won in Europe they walked through Poland, Germany, and a few other nations and saw what would be known as the biggest atrocity of the century. Death camps were found by the dozens. They held Jews, communists, gypsies, and others. The death camps had death chambers to kill prisoners that would be of no use to the previously fascist nation of Germany. Others were forced to work until they were just skin and bones. Most of the prisoners only received 500 calories a day and were expected to do hard labor.

The End

Another atrocity that happened during this war involved many innocent lives being killed in Japan; however, it was necessary to end the war so American lives could be spared. The atomic bomb was dropped on two cities in Japan that made them surrender. In Japanese culture, it is considered very shameful to surrender to an enemy. This created a need for heavy action.

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