A Look At World War I And Its Place In History

The US has been involved in many wars over the years, including those that predated the country’s founding freedom. At the time World War I began, however, global conflict had erupted to a climax of the likes that no one had ever seen. The Great War would last for over four years, and it would be one of the deadliest wars in history.

That fact remains true to this day. And of course, there would be a second World War to follow less than three decades later. World War I was fought in the trenches. Trench warfare was extremely dangerous and unsanitary. In fact, some historians make the case for WWI having much to do with the 1918 Influenza Epidemic.

Many civilians were also killed in the war. The numbers total 9 million+ deaths for the soldiers and 7 million+ deaths for civilians. Are you familiar with how World War I started? Basically, a fight between two countries escalated after an assassination, and alliances throughout Europe found everyone taking sides.

The two original countries were Serbia and Austria-Hungary. What’s really interesting, too, is looking at the alliances then, and during World War II, and looking at them now. Germany was on the side of Austria-Hungary during World War I, and that means the US was fighting against them.

Look at what side Russia was on during World War I. When all was said and done, the Treaty of Versailles was signed. Yet everything was far from over. Many issues at the end of World War I had everything to do with the onset of World War II.

There were many causes for World War II, and of course, people chiefly remember Adolph Hitler and his genocide of Jewish people. Germany was also still allied with Italy, and between World War I and World War II, Italian Fascism was also in play.

Japan also played its part. The history of the two World Wars has often been studied and dissected, looking at all possible reasons for conflict and how each country viewed its involvement. These days, when people worry about other wars, they often envision a World War III.

Another World War is always possible. As a man of faith in God, I believe it is highly likely. And it is also interesting to note how conflicts play out these days, in the media for the most part. Everything is much different than it was in 1914 when trench warfare was the way we did battle.

In fact, there was much difference between World War I and World War II. The US dropped on an atomic bomb on Hiroshima at the end of World War II. Wars are interesting to study but devastating to think about. They are part of history, unnecessary to say the least, but still a piece of our imperfect world.

I hope and pray that we never see a World War III. Global conflicts can escalate quite quickly. It’s better that we understand each other and get along. But what do you do when there is an Adolph Hitler? What do you do when there is a Kim Jong Un? What do you do when a leader like Bashar al Assad uses chemical weapons on his own people?

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